I own a large dog and your ramp makes it so much easier to get him into my truck
Marcia F.

Thanks for designing the perfect dog ramp! I've been looking around for the past two years for a ramp that is neither flimsy nor too heavy for me to manage myself. Lifting my adopted Old English Sheepdog (with hip dysplasia) into my station wagon each day to go to the park to play was creating havoc on my back. I was surprised that Max was not spooked-out by the ramp; he simply needed a little coaxing with a few pieces of turkey. No problems at all.

Thoughtfully and beautifully designed ramp. Keep making them! Thank you very much, also, for your quick delivery .

Gratefully yours,

Alexandria, Va.

I received my dogramp, and felt compelled to write you with my results. My large old dog easily followed me up the ramp to our bed. It holds a lot of weight easily. The raised sides and wide ramp with no slide carpet made it very user friendly. I didn't need to buy a long and a short ramp, as this one is so easily adjustable and light weight. And last, the handle makes it easy to move from the house to the car. In short, I think this is the best ramp on the market for large dogs and their owners.


Happy Tails 2 U Dog Training

I got it! It's of WAY better quality than I imagined! WAY better than Petsmart's model which was, as you know, even more expensive.
I'm acclimating my 12-year-old hip dysplastic German shepherd mix to it today. The hints to get the dog used to it while the ramp is flat on the ground was very smart. I even let him "discover" it on his own, after I placed it outside the backdoor within Sid's fenced-in backyard. I stood nearby praising him as he sniffed it & checked it out. I had dropped a couple small biscuits on it and let him discover those, too. It's been pleasant, so far. I won't rush him; I'll take my time getting him used to it.

Thank you for this very nice experience. I'm impressed, and intend on recommending this ramp and your website to all my friends with older dogs or dogs (or people) with special needs. I have also begun dog training sessions in Omaha, and expect to be meeting many people with all kinds of dogs.

Again, thanks!

Omaha NE

Thank you for the good service and the good quality of the dog ramp. My dog is recovering from back surgery and we used it so she can get up on the bed again. She used it the first day I think it will work out perfect for her. The shipping arrived the day you said it would. thank you again.

Roseville CA.

I received my ramp today!! It is perfect. Since I have a make-shift handicapped ramp entering/exiting my home, the dog ramp for the Jeep worked perfect. There was no hesitation or fear, I took my dog to the vet Saturday to have the cast and stitches removed. Believe me, ! will promote the ramp to my vet and to the local kennel club.

I. too have shown my rotty in obedience and already have my CD title. If you need a testimony. let me know and I will be glad to write one for you, just from the every day dog lover. I plan to use this ramp for a long time because rehab on this surgery will take months, in fact I may never let her jump up into a rig again.

Thank you for your fast shipping and courteous service.

Clearlake Oaks, CA

We received our six foot telescoping dog ramp about two weeks ago.

I was home alone at the time, just me and the dog. (13 year old Australian Shepard, 80 lbs).

I finally got it out of the box and telescoped it out a little, maybe a foot and a half, laid it on the garage floor and coaxed him onto it.... He only hesitated a little, then walked the length of it and off.

We bought it for him to get into the back platform in our Super Cab Ford as he doesn't seem able to jump up there anymore without help. That's when the back seat is folded down flat, makes a level platform. Has narrow back doors facing forward on each side of truck.....

So, first time we were headed out in the truck and wanting to take the dog, we just extended the ramp, placed the top end on the door jamb where he'd have only about a 10" jump and called him over. Mike was on one side of the ramp and me on the other. This dog (Bear) loves to ride in the truck so much that he just climbed the ramp with no hesitation, and the same way going back down..... Now, it's like he's been doing it all his life!!! Has taken all the burden off of getting the dog into the truck.
Thank you!!!!! It's a nice, clean piece of equipment and easy to manage.......


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